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    At QSolv, we provide financial institutions with solutions that help them transform digitally, in a rapidly changing, but highly regulated and competitive market.

    As technologies evolve, so do customer demands, meaning more services and new ways to manage and access money.

    From block chain to mobile banking applications, we can help you stay ahead with solutions that will exceed your customer expectations, reduce your risk, and improve your business processes and operational efficiency.

    We have proven experience in providing the following:

    • Faster payment systems including inward and outward remittances, SWIFT and real time gross settlement
    • Streamlining online banking channel including phone and internet banking and POS and ATM terminals
    • Retail transactions including branch teller and clearing transactions (cash and non-cash)
    • ATMs and card processing systems including authorization, transaction batch capture and processing, settlement and reconciliation withing turn around time (TAT)
    • Automated clearing houses including transaction processing and settlement in batch and reconciliation of general ledger accounts
    • End-to-end loan and deposit management including opening, funding, interest, limits and facilities, TDS, renewals and closures
    • Office systems including front office systems (web channels, CRM and portfolio management), middle office systems (risk management, limits and facilities, treasury functions and back office systems (cash and liquidity management and corporate payments and transfers).

    With QSolv, your organization can harness cutting-edge technologies and next-generation strategies to adopt new ways of doing business, streamlining costs, expanding the customer base, and staying compliant with all of the regulations and standards in the financial services industry