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    At QSolv, we strive to deliver better health care at optimised costs through technology.

    We can support in the delivery of systems that enhance patient experience through mobile applications, or update your network to increase the security of patient and company data and help you apply big data to its management, or help you lower IT overhead costs by virtualising your hardware and software.

    Our solutions help you focus on convenience, affordability and delivering a superior patient experience.

    We provide the following services to health care providers:

    • Healthcare analytics including center of excellence analysis, healthcare standards and integration and SOA
    • Healthcare information systems including system incorporation, engineering solutions, automating BPM, business process solutions, security and enterprise architecture, digital integration solutions, cloud and infrastructure
    • Patient experience and people management including enterprise mobility, application mobility, social media, content management, project management and enterprise resource planning

    What if we could think digital Healthcare.