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    Enhanced services through Cloud, Mobility and IOT

    The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) recently pointed to an interesting aspect of 2016-17. The association, in its annual survey in which field services are a critical component, said that planned spending for the year would be “high” with top spending categories for field services being self-service portals, customer experience analytics and parts and logistics1. Let’s spell out the message in this finding: digital adoption in field services will grow and investments in IoT, Mobility and Cloud will be exponential. With customers wanting everything to be a faster and flexible service at lowered costs – traditional field service practices will fall by the way side. Organizations will have to redesign their field operations with particular attention to unifying currently fragmented solutions.

    With increasing adoption of IoT, upstream field units will see more assets that communicate over non-IP interfaces. These could include wearables, heads up displays, drones and beacons.