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    QSolv has a team of over 150 technology professionals dedicated just to retail clients, meaning that their experience covers the retail value chain end-to-end.

    We leverage best of breed processes and testing, for both custom built and off-the-shelf retail and enterprise applications.

    This means we are able to help address quality challenges early on during ideation and implementation, before they cause any disruption to your clients.

    Your customers expect a seamless digital experience, that spans devices and anticipates their needs. We have the experience and expertise to help.

    QSolv’s Retail services and solutions include:

    Instore Applications

    • Payment solutions: Point of sale systems and mobile POS
    • Self-service systems: Self-service kiosk and self-check out
    • Workforce management systems: Workforce time and attendance
    • Instore planning: Space and micro-assortment planning and planogram applications

    Retail Corporate Systems

    • Business process solutions: ERP systems, merchandising applications
    • Data management solutions: CRM and loyalty, business analytics, master data management
    • Business planning solutions: Enterprise planning and forecasting, promotion planning and optimization and financial management

    Retail Supply Chain

    • Operations management solutions: Order, warehouse, yard and transportation management systems, replenishment and allocation systems
    • Communications solutions: radio frequency devices, voice systems and simulators

    E-commerce and Omni-channel

    • Applications: Packaged E-commerce and mobile applications, vendor collaboration tools and order fulfillment
    • Services: Contact center, installation and service management, content and image management

    Imagine , when a 5 percent increase in customer retention can improve a company’s profitability by 75 percent. We will help you achieve more.