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VxWorks BSP for Jungo Software Technologies
QSolv™ developed VxWorks BSP for custom PPC Board, Ethernet and PCI drivers. We provided turn key services for developing a VxWorks BSP with a complete set of drivers and inter module communication software for a processor module.

Jungo Software Technologies Inc. delivers advanced solutions for the hardware access and device driver developers’ community. Jungo's hardware access product line, featuring WinDriver, enables developers to quickly create drivers for custom devices that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification. Jungo's high-availability product line, including GO-HotSwap, provides a complete solution for the CompactPCI high-availability market. The company's new product line is based upon its technological expertise featuring OpenRG - a complete residential gateway software solution running on various CPUs and hardware platforms. For more information please visit www.jungo.com.

Tornado BSP, VxWorks RTOS, Embedded development tools, SNMP.

For more information and to learn how QSolv™ can help you maximize return on investment for your IT projects, please contact our sales team at sales@qsolv-inc.com.

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