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Multicast over Satellite (Tunneling) for Metricom
For a company that relies heavily on satellite based voice communication it is but a small step to come to the conclusion that data traffic going over this medium would not pose a significant additional overhead in terms of cost or resources. QSolv™ delivered a solution for a secure video conferencing application using multicasting. The project was implemented offshore and involved implementing draft standard specifications.

Metricom provides an array of audio, video and Internet conferencing. In addition to streaming media services, services are complemented by conference recording services, broadcast voice and fax, 24X7 conference access, online reservation capabilities and Interactive Voice Response to deliver rich, "distance-proof" communications. For more information please visit www.metricom.com.

Protocol implementation, VxWorks RTOS, Embedded development tools, SNMP.

For more information and to learn how QSolv™ can help you maximize return on investment for your IT projects, please contact our sales team at sales@qsolv-inc.com.

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