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Network Management toolkit for
Promatory Communications
QSolv™ developed a set of utilities for generating SNMP method routines for the SNMP stack from Epilogue Technologies and SNMP Research. This toolkit also implements a standard router centric Command Line Interface using the SNMP access functions. The toolkit produces a linkable library that can be integrated with an RTOS.

Promatory Communications Inc. (acquired by Nortel Networks) is a leading provider of the next-generation broadband access switching platforms. Promatory's Intelligent Multiservice Access System (IMASTM) is the latest DSL platform upon which service providers can build and deliver multiple service offerings, using a traditional copper line for simultaneous voice and high-speed Internet access. Targeted at Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), Incumbent Exchange Carriers (IECs), Post Telephone & Telegraphs (PTTs), and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs).

VxWorks RTOS, Embedded development tools, SNMP, Rapid logic tools

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