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    Managed Services

    For most of the companies, there is no one versatile approach to project sourcing. Some of the requirements are better to execute with staff augmentation, the other ones with the managed services, and sometimes there can be even some combination of the approaches. The choice of the suitable model can be a tough decision.

    QSolv’s Managed Services model allows your organization to outsource the management, operations and delivery of processes effectively to lower the total cost of your business. This model is attractive as the pricing structure is based on regular monthly billing around service levels and volumes, rather than per diem fees associated with staff augmentation. This greatly reduces volatility in costs supports accurate and predictable budgeting. Moreover, as compared to staff augmentation the relative increase in costs in this model as the business requirements grows and the service expands are significantly lower than the costs involved in further augmenting staff numbers and skills due to economies of scale, labor cost arbitrage and flexibility with staffing.

    QSolv will assume the risk of transition and future operations based on an agreed, committed scope and tenure.

    Here are the advantages we bring to you with our managed services:

    – It heads can focus most of his time on strategic management rather than managing the execution.

    – Outcomes are clearly based on service levels rather than hours worked.

    – QSolv provides extensive documentation as we help move wok across our global delivery network.

    – Best in class tools and processes.