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    QSolv helps you increase your agility through rapid access to missing capabilities and skills. This leads to an avoidance of hiring / de-hiring costs and it does not have an impact on your operating model. Staff augmentation is always a good model when it is used for a short period of time and for specific purpose.

    We understand the most important criterion for growth and success of an organization is hiring top talent. While minimizing the interruptions to hiring managers, we take the time to understand both client and candidate needs, providing the appropriate fit for both parties. We help you overcome the challenges of recruiting and help you build a roadmap to get those candidates that are hard to find.

    Screening Process

    – Consistently maintain a fill ratio of 3:1
    – Invest heavily in our screening and delivery process

    QSolv provides you a cost effective alternative to hiring full-time employees. Staff augmentation saves a lot of money that is spent on hiring, training, providing health insurances, retirement plans, taxes, and many more. You easily get access to employees with specific skills that your in-house team members lack, that too without having to spend money on recruiting and offering employee benefits. You only pay for the number of hours you extra resources have worked for. Therefore, you save a lot of money that is otherwise paid as full-time salaries year-around. QSolv provides you a database of skilled and certified candidates to meet your specific project requirements.

    Staff augmentation allows you to have a better control of your project all the time. You always stay in-sync with your resources and closely monitor their activities. If you come across any efficiency related issue, you can take effective measures before it’s too late, therefore you never lose on productivity. Besides, you can delegate what you feel is important to a resource you know is best suited for. Staff augmentation also allows you to make better use of your existing resources.

    Our consultants help you get a fresh perspective about how things are going. It’s very unlikely for a short term employee to participate in office politics and have a negative impact on efficiency. Instead, the efficiency and discipline the staff augmentation employee brings to your workplace could encourage your in-house staff to improve their performance too.
    You also have the added advantage of scalability and flexibility. Raise the bar of client satisfaction by delivering diverse services and enhance your brand value. Don’t let seasonal factors or employees leaving the firm to have an adverse impact on your business.