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    Computing and storage capacities are available virtually at the push of a button as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from the cloud. If more short-term capacities are needed, customers can flexibly order these according to need. This not only saves costs but also helps create more agility and faster response speeds for new market developments and changed customer requirements. This way customers benefit from combined forces – the virtualization competence of VMware and the cumulative expertise of QSolv in cloud computing – and can remain competitive.

    Big data, collaboration and mobility call for increasing amounts of server capacity. With vCloud, companies can adapt their systems independently – transparently, as required and in line with the most up-to-date security Standards.

    Current network and security solutions are rigid, complex and often vendor-specific. This creates a costly barrier to realizing the full agility of the software-defined data center.

    Limitations of physical networking and security tie an increasingly dynamic virtual world back to inflexible, dedicated hardware, creating artificial barriers to optimizing network architecture and capacity utilization. VMware NSX solves these data center challenges by delivering a completely new operational model for networking. Like server virtualization for compute, the NSX network virtualization approach allows data center operators to treat
    their physical network as a pool of transport capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on demand.

    Key Benefits:

    • Network provisioning time reduced from days to seconds
    • Achieve operational efficiency through automation
    • Place and move workloads independent of physical topology
    • Deploy on any hypervisor and consume through any cloud management platform
    • Integrate third-party network and security solutions through standard APIs
    • Non-disruptive deployment over existing physical networks or next generation topologies

    We offer VMware solutions in:

    • Cloud Management: vCloud Suite
    • Software-defined Data Center: VMware NSX
    • Mobility Management: AirWatch
    • Virtualization: vSphere
    • Storage and Availability: vSAN and Site Recovery Manager

    We are 100% committed to you and your success. It goes beyond the technology to our team of passionate VMware experts, ready to serve you.