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  • QSolv is a global IT solutions and services provider. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in California, USA, QSolv has three nationwide offices, delivery centers, as well as facilities in Singapore, India, and United Kingdom.
    We rely on our strong R&D heritage and ability to innovate, to provide powerful products and services to our clients, helping them leverage the business benefits of emerging, disruptive technologies, like cloud, mobility, big data and analytics.
    Our delivery centers across four countries and technology experts worldwide service clients to provide powerful solutions and products for clients in a wide range of industries including: high-tech, eCommerce, finance, automobile, retail, logistics, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, media & entertainment, and travel.
    Our company is built on ensuring customer focus, quality delivery and a commitment to excellence. We believe in dedicating ourselves to those we serve, ensuring that no matter where in the world QSolv is, we are confident in our ability to deliver the best service and consistently ensure that our great people get great results.

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