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    Technology and collaboration

    Technology and collaboration

    The days of punching in and zoning out are gone

    Offices aren’t productivity factories anymore—they’re collaboration centres where individuals and groups can develop their best ideas
    An increasingly global workforce and customer base makes it more likely that employees need to work at nontraditional hours, such as 6:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m., leaving their offices vacant at other times. More complex business and technology issues increase the need for collaboration with team members in the same building or at various sites worldwide. Employees are often away from their desks, in meetings or workgroup discussions.

    Successful offices are functional tools that bring technology and people together so they can do their best work. Collaboration tools bring people together to speed the decision-making process and help you execute on your most innovative ideas while cutting operational waste.

    QSolv supports various Collaboration solutions from Cisco.

    Technology can take you further
    What if your planning sessions weren’t limited to in-the-room attendees? Cisco Collaboration tools expand any space, making it more productive.

    Imagine walking into a room that recognises who you are by your mobile device, configures the room to your lighting and temperature preferences, pulls your information off the cloud—because that is where your data will reside in the future—and allows you to begin collaborating with others.”